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Tim Blair

Hello, cd listeners (and please contact me here to collect one million cobra points for correctly identifying the source of "Hello, cd listeners"). **Update** EYE of Fatima wins the cobra points for correctly identifying "Hello, cd listeners" from Tom Petty's first straight to cd album Full Moon Fever. Well done, EYE!

Cobra here, with a cautionary tale.
Years ago, I thought it might be fun to add custom e-mail addresses to this site. As is my custom, I neglected them for years as they filled to the brim with spam. Then past the brim, then all over my site to the tune of about 700 megs. That was for the e-mail alone, the space taken by marvelous, insightful writing and colorful graphics was much smaller. And completely inaccessible due to frickin' spam.
After several pitiful appeals for help to my service provider, I was informed that the only solution to the problem was to delete the entire site and start from scratch.

That wasn't as horrifying a prospect as it might have been as I had the entire thing backed up on my hard drive (please, everybody reading this, back up your vital data immediately!). But I did take the opportunity to add a few articles and make some changes to the various hard to read menus. For anybody new to the site (and I hope there are a lot of you as I've been passing out many cards), look past the signature for an introduction to the site, links to new articles, and suggestions from the archives.


Will, Your Cobra, and Sophle being AWESOME
at the Harry Potter Book Premiere. We rock.

Best of Phoenix.
This year, I made two resolutions. First, to wear lower cut shirts. Second, to have a better time. Both were a roaring success (and maybe related). The extraordinary thing is, my splendid life seems to have rubbed off on those around me. Here is some proof.

Five, count them, five people of my acquaintance received The New Times Best of Phoenix awards this year. Read all about it here. Stick with me, gang--I'm lucky.

Please enjoy the site and check back for updates. I promise they will take less than three years to materialize this time.

Your friend and cobra--

Editor/ Publisher/ Cobra-in-Chief

PS *new* Click here to watch Cobra World Domination as it happens!

New Pages!
Future Lives Party! Slideshow or Page of Pics
Day of the Dead, 2008
The Vig, 11-18-08
Selected Poems. Shut up.

The Cobra's Car Chronicles
While I've been driving more years than are your business, I've only owned three cars. These are their stories.
Return of Cobra's Car! *new* When that disturbing noise really turns out to be something.
LACOBRA the Second *new* Cobra's sweet wheels.
Death Rattle Has your car ever made a disturbing noise?

Cookin' with Cobra
Advice about cookin' that Martha Stewart would never dream of giving to you.

Clip 'n' Save *new* Three recipies to download, print, and stick to your fridge with magnets.

Cobra Excursions
Cobra on the loose!
The Social Event of Spring *new*
A memorable evening for Cobra. And yes, that should be enough reason for you to click.
Museum of Mystery Or, what the heck is Jurassic Tech? The strangest exhibits in Los Angeles.

Cobra Fashions
I have a handsome brother, Partick, who used to rock the local catwalks. Now he works for print and outrageous sums of money.(Check it out before he bans me from using the infamous pink photo forever, and click his name to visit his site.)
Adventures in Boobtropolis One of my favorite shows.
Mojo-a-Rama He also makes a spectacle of his dog.

Flash! Ah-oh! He'll save every one of us! Flash movies I made for my friends and family.

The Cobra's Ghost
I like to think I'm not a complete flake, but I do love spooky stories. Classics here as well as original submissions.
The Handprint A wrongful hanging leaves a mark on a Pensylvania town--literally.
Whatever Happened to Ectoplasm? A look at supernatural evidence from the early days of Spiritualism.
Philips and Egrigors and Tulpas, Oh My! How to conjure a ghost.

The Cobra's Guests
A sampling from guest contributors.
Hospitalphobia by Janet Herman
Bats in the Grocery by the Artist formerly known as Magi, currently Eye of Fatima

Cobra Miscellany
Articles about a variety of different subjects. A gal's got to have an obsession or two.
Xenavision Why I love Xena: Warrior Princess and why you should, too.
The Upside of Down The strangest place to grab a daiquiri, dine on iceberg lettuce, and ogle shapely young Speed-o clad men in Utah.

Cobra Movie Commentary
There are movies I must, simply must write about. Especially if they're terrible. Here's a selection of those.
"Hail, Buttocks!" about "Hail, Hero!", Michael Douglas's first, and most hilarious film.
See Signs and Wonder... Why on earth do people take M. Night Shyamalan seriously?
"Come and See the Violence Inherent in the System!" The Life of David Gale--I saw it so you don't have to.

Cobra Music
See what charms this snake.
15 Minutes, at Least The marvelous Kirsty MacColl.
I Feel "Numb" U2's underappreciated masterpiece.
Dorks for The Who! A love letter to my favorite band.

The Cobra's Portfolio
Visual Arts from Your Hostess. The Collage section isn't built yet, but it will thrill and amaze.
Cobra Photos *new* Come see Cobra's World
Conte Crayon From back when I had my skilz on.

Cobra at Work
Chronicles my years at the job where this publication was born. I haven't written so much about subsequent jobs, as future employers now check that sort of thing and I'd like to convince them I've turned over a new leaf. Which of course I have.